ikonnect manages dynamic POS Software System that enables you to maintain track of everything happening in your restaurant in much convenient ways in which they are quie effective at developing the effectiveness and smooth operation of the business. Our full site of POS arrangements comprises of cloud-based, on - premise, mobile and tablet POS structures and programming which is anything but difficult to setup, custamize and utilize, it helps you increase profitability, make informed decisions and enhance business execution.

ikonnect POS Software can deal with complete order and client management including tracking the number of requests and clients, table data, billing transactions and more. POS is an customizable product for the hospitality industry, mainly restaurants , to upgrade effectiveness of administration, diminish delays, and limits mistakes in order-taking and coordinating the processes involved in serving the necessities of the client. It can likewise provides excellent authoritative abilities to help monitor and report every aspect of order e taking and client interaction, inventory tracking, stock management.