Why Customer Feedback in Restaurant / Retail?

The purpose of business can be measured only with the Customer /Guest feedback i.e Restaurant /retail outlets should meet the purpose of customer walk in, how the staff handle the customer ?

If the purpose – Food the guest want to eat / Grocery he want to buy from your supermarket …if the customer not comfortable he may go to your competitors or he may give a poor review to his friends and social media

Why Tell Us? It will send the Text to the concern brand owner INSTANTLY about the guest comment for poor rating with customer name and mob no


Stainless Steel Floor standing Feedback Kiosk

Features of Tell Us

  • All feedback collected electronically
  • Customize your own questions
  • Download Feedback in excel and can do analyses
  • No Big investment – Each branch feedback collect @ less than Rs 20 per day (Cost of one Water bottle)
  • Instant Alert for –ve feed backs to owners by sms
  • Portal access option for Chain of outlet
  • Tell Us will improve your customer service approach
  • Easy to measure Which staff is better in which branch
  • Product quality and consistency can be maintained
  • Increase repeat customers and increase PROFIT
  • Help you to get all potential customer data, you can send personalised messages to dis-satisfied customer and offer Gift coupons to customer to Loyal customers


10 Inch Tablet


7 Inch Tablet