Ikonnect- Restaurant Call Center Management enhances customer ordering experience for deliveries. Features like Popup of customer details while the agent is on call with customer, customer inquiries and complaints allows for a more focused, efficient and quick delivery operations. It was in particular designed for Restaurant Order Entries, which customizes menus and Inventory items, and is incorporated with CRM tools. With several useful features integrated, our services enable agents to serve inbound customers with speed, accuracy and quality. All important information is exhibited within one interface of our software, ensuring the agent is equipped with a wide range of tools to help the caller. This incorporates contact information, call & complaint records and purchase pattern along with favorite items or cuisine.

Agents can certainly gain access to the information they require, with built-in pop up display screen and customer history database, which enables them resolve order issues and improve customer support. Information like Customer Names, Phones, Addresses, Last Order Location and last Order Status can be displayed on the agent desktop at the moment a customer is contacted. It also includes access to call recording for a particular customer to enhance customer experience. Our Call Recording System is a viable approach to enhance client benefit, solve consumer disputes, increase worker efficiency, and agree to legitimate necessities. ikonnect has developed many custom software solutions for our global clients. We build our systems based on the most reliable and scalable application architecture and hardware available for mission critical communication systems. Whether you need a consultant to assist in your own Asterisk or Avaya deployment we are here to help you.